Parent Fuel

Dr. Barry St. Clair created Parent Fuel to equip parents to love God with all their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same.

Barry, a father and grandfather, practically encourages parents through his own trials and triumphs and guides parents to invest in their most important relationships - with Christ and their kids.

Parent Fuel provides parents, churches, and small group leaders every tool and strategy necessary to equip parents to practically pursue God’s parenting purpose. It leads parents through a parenting discipleship process and then multiplies Parent Fuel small groups throughout the church and community.

Under the tabs above you will discover how Parent Fuel can benefit you ...

  • Resources show and then describe the five Parent Fuel resources including the covers, contents and a sample chapter.
  • Leader’s Training offers four brief training videos that lead a parent, church and/or small group leader to become a Parent Fuel Champion: parents motivated to equip themselves and others in Parent Fuel by leading a Parent Fuel Experience group.
  • Experience Groups suggests who to recruit for a Parent Fuel Experience group, where to go for training to lead a group and how to receive assistance if a problem occurs.
  • Free Downloads gives several free resources that guide potential Parent Fuel Champions to prepare for and lead their Parent Fuel Experience groups more effectively.

Parent Fuel Intro Video

Intro Video
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Parent Fuel In One Family

Chad and Robin Merrill attended a Parent Fuel Leader’s Training and then read the Parent Fuel book. At that point Robin wrote:

What a God-send you were for us. I just read your chapter on intimacy this morning – or should I say, cried my way through your chapter on intimacy this morning! Chad and I discussed it and decided that for this year’s gifts to everyone (birthdays, Christmas, thank-you’s, etc.) we are going to give your book. It is powerful because it is the TRUTH!

Robin began a Parent Fuel Experience group with moms. When they completed the group she reported:

The impact Parent Fuel has had on my family and the members of our group has been phenomenal. The conversations we have had with our 14-year old and 10-year old sons have been deep, meaningful and transformational. The boys are seeing the fuel ignite in their own home and in the lives of their friends’ homes.

Chad and Robin are helping to start a Parent Fuel Experience group with middle school parents.

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