Parent Fuel Experience Groups

Leading a Parent Fuel Experience Group offers you the opportunity not only to focus on your own parenting but also to influence other parents!

What is a Parent Fuel Experience Group?

The Parent Fuel Experience Group connects a group of parents to the Parent Fuel resources so they can discover their parenting purpose.

Who will benefit from the Parent Fuel Experience Group?

Any Parent! Consider targeting the parents of...

  • Pre-Schoolers
  • Grade-Schoolers
  • Middle-Schoolers
  • High-Schoolers
  • College Students
  • ...and or any mixture of the above

Along with that broad range of parents, consider for your group...
  • Church Parents
  • School Parents
  • Neighborhood Parents
  • Non-Believing Parents
This wide target audience affords you the maximum flexibility in putting your group together.

How do you form your Parent Fuel Experience Group?

To put together a group that will maximize the Parent Fuel Experience, go through the Parent Fuel Leader's Training and follow the steps outlined in the training.

IMPORTANT: Put parents with kids of a similar age in the same group if at all possible.

As a result of going through this Parent Fuel Leader's Training, you will have...

  • much more confidence in leading your own Parent Fuel Experience group
  • all of the tools to equip other parents to begin and lead their own Parent Fuel Experience group
  • a strategy to multiply the new Parent Fuel Experience leaders
If you have other parents who want to lead a group and/or leaders in your church, school or neighborhood who have the responsibility of making decisions about small groups and curriculum, invite them to join you in the Parent Fuel Leader's Training.

How can you receive assistance with your Parent Fuel Experience Group?

If you have difficulty getting started or leading your group, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to a spiritual leader in your church or close to you to get advice.
  • Read or re-read the Leaderís Guide in the Parent Fuel Kit.
  • If you still need assistance, send us an email and we will do our best to help you.

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