Parent Fuel Leader’s Training

Parent Fuel Leader’s Training guides you through the process of preparing for, starting and following through on Parent Fuel.

Watch the Parent Fuel Leader's Training videos as Barry guides you to maximize Parent Fuel for you, your family, your church and/or your small group.

  • The Vision (2:18) describes how unraveling families need parents who make the spiritual investment in their kids and churches who raise up Parent Fuel Champions.
  • The Purpose (3:42) explains how Parent Fuel maximizes parental influence by equipping parents to love God with all their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same.
  • The Champions (7:38) guides parents to become Parent Fuel Champions by taking them through the steps to prepare for and then to lead other parents through a Parent Fuel Experience group.
  • The Church (5:43) challenges leaders to imagine a new parenting environment, to follow the important steps for beginning Parent Fuel Experience groups and to multiply groups in the church and community by reproducing Parent Fuel Champions.

Parent Fuel Leader’s Training Videos (Click on any of the videos below to play...)
The Vision The Purpose The Champions The Church

Barry and Reach Out can assist you!

If you accept the Parent Fuel Champion challenge, then Barry and our team can come alongside you to help you succeed.

We are available to…

  • Consult with you about your “Strategic Planning Questions”, “Parent Fuel Experience Timeline” and “Plan of Action”.
  • Conduct a phone session with your church’s Younger Generation Team to develop a plan for getting all concerned leaders on the same page and pursuing the same vision.
  • Do a Parent Fuel Launch Event with Barry or someone on the Reach Out team.

Send us an email to schedule a date.

Parent Fuel Champions

Parent Fuel Champion

What is a Parent Fuel Champion?

Parents motivated to equip themselves and others in Parent Fuel by leading a Parent Fuel Experience group.

Parents often need a person or couple to lead them through the process that equips them to love God with all their hearts and leads their kids to do the same. A Parent Fuel Champion guides other parents through Parent Fuel.

The easy-to-use Parent Fuel resources give information, inspiration and direction to lead a group of parents through the Parent Fuel Experience.

Who can become a Parent Fuel Champion?

  • A 25 year old youth pastor with limited parenting experience but with a burden for the parents of his students
  • A struggling parent who wants to connect with other struggling parents who share a common desire to invest in their kids’ lives
  • An older parent or grandparent with a desire to mentor younger parents through their parenting battles

Both your kids and the parents around you need you to become a Parent Fuel Champion!

Will you become a Parent Fuel Champion?

Will you accept the Parent Fuel Champion challenge?

If you sense that God is leading you to accept the challenge, then follow the steps outlined on the video and repeated below.


Follow these simple steps to become a Parent Fuel Champion.

  • Pray for God’s direction.
  • Read Parent Fuel.
  • Order and examine the Parent Fuel Kit.
  • Read the Leader’s Guide in the Parent Fuel Kit thoroughly and decide on your Plan of Action.
  • After showing the Parent Fuel Intro Video ask people to commit to your group.
  • Order the other needed resources for your group.
  • Look for other parents who can become Parent Fuel Champions like you.
You can become a Parent Fuel Champion!

Churches and Small Group Leaders

Follow the process outlined in the Parents section above and add these simple steps to begin and to multiply Parent Fuel Experience groups in and through your church.

  • Answer the “Strategic Planning Questions”.
  • Recruit your Parent Fuel Champion small group leaders with a personal call and meeting.
  • If other parents you know in your church, school or neighborhood have a desire to train other parents and/or have the decision-making responsilibities about small groups and curriculum, invite them to join you in the Parent Fuel Leader’s Training.

  • Use the “Parent Fuel Experience Timeline” to equip your leaders and launch your groups.
  • Utilize the Parent Fuel Leader’s Training videos to equip your group leaders.
  • Decide how you will challenge each group leader to multiply new groups.
  • Explore ways to use Parent Fuel Experience groups for evangelism and outreach.

Now you have all the resources and training you need to equip your parents and your parents have all the resources and training they need to love God with all their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same.

You can transform the parenting environment in your church!

Will your church take the challenge to become a Parent Fuel Champion church?

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