Honor Jesus Christ

We honor Jesus Christ because we believe that He is the ultimate answer to life and that He alone produces fruit in ministry. He causes life-change and raises up life-changers. We desire to know his plans through prayer and then obey those plans.

Excel in Equipping

We excel in equipping because we believe that the church needs youth leaders with quality training, encouragement, challenge and counsel to have excellence in their ministries. We desire to model and communicate that in a professional and personable fashion in order to increase the youth leader's ministry effectiveness.

Lead by Serving

We lead by serving because we believe this follows Jesus' model of effective leadership. We desire to offer this leadership at every level of our ministry and to everyone who comes in contact with our ministry.

Relate with Integrity

We relate with integrity because we believe that people are our most valuable resource. We desire to encourage honest, accountable and loyal relationships that allow the deepest and richest communication.

Hold High Ethical Standards

We hold high ethical standards because we believe that our character determines our faithfulness. We desire to conduct our finances, morality and conservation in a biblical manner that will enhance the reputation of the Kingdom of God.

Maximize Resources

We maximize resources because we believe that God has entrusted us with His human and financial assets. We desire to use those resources for His glory by prioritizing our ministry plans and operating our ministry within the limits of our resources.

Student Resources

Because I grew up in such a dysfunctional home, my fear of parenting was so great. Parent Fuel allowed me to completely change how I parent my children; and it allowed me to share it with other parents at my church."

Vanessa Lipsi
(San Antonio, TX)