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Your church can use Parent Fuel to equip the parents with children of all ages for years to come! If you envision Parent Fuel as a strategic, small group, disciple-making tool, not only will you equip parents to follow Jesus wholeheartedly themselves, but also give them the tools to disciple their kids to follow Jesus.

Encourage all who oversee an age group of parents to come together around the Parent Fuel vision.

With everyone on the same page, moving the same direction, your parents will have all of the tools they need to lead their kids.

Take these action steps to create your church’s unique strategy for Parent Fuel:

  1. Follow the process outlined in Video 3—Parent Fuel Champions—pray, read Parent Fuel, order the Parent Fuel Kit, follow the Leader’s Guide, recruit group parents, order group resources, and challenge to become Parent Fuel Champions.
  2. Answer the Strategic Planning Questions to envision how Parent Fuel will unfold uniquely in your church.
  3. Recruit the Parent Fuel Leaders small group leaders with a personal call and/or a personal meeting.
  4. Train your Parent Fuel Experience Group leaders by utilizing the Parent Fuel Experience Timeline, the Leader’s Guide, Videos 1-3 and following the process outlined on the Parent Fuel Leaders page.
  5. Purchase the Parent Fuel resources needed for all of the participants in all of the groups—Parent Fuel Parent Pack for each participant and Leader’s Guide for each group leader.
  6. Decide how you will challenge each group to multiply new group leaders.
  7. Explore creative ways to use the Parent Fuel Experience for evangelism and outreach.

Now you have all the resources and training you need to equip your parents, and your parents have all the resources and training they need to love God with all their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same.

You can transform the parenting environment in your church!

Will your church take the challenge to become a Parent Fuel Champion church?

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Because I grew up in such a dysfunctional home, my fear of parenting was so great. Parent Fuel allowed me to completely change how I parent my children; and it allowed me to share it with other parents at my church."

Vanessa Lipsi
(San Antonio, TX)