Parent Fuel Experience Groups

Joining a Parent Fuel Experience Group offers the opportunity to focus on your own parenting.

What is a Parent Fuel Experience Group?

A small group experience that connects parents with each other, to pray for each other and for each others' kids, to explore God's purpose for your parenting and to discover practical plans to carry out God's purpose using the Parent Fuel resources.

In the relational content of the group, you will cover the powerful content of the resources, and will draw family-altering conclusions about your parenting.

What will you discover in a Parent Fuel Experience Group?

As a result of reading the Parent Fuel book, watching the DVDs, interacting with your group and applying what you discover, you will...

  • Move past your guilt over what you have not done in your parenting
  • Make your passionate pursuit of Jesus a priority
  • Change from raising your kids by rules to raising them by God's amazing grace
  • Take steps toward more fully connecting or reconnecting with your children
  • Build heart-to-heart relationships with your children
  • Invest in a disciple-making relationship with your kids and their friends
  • Help move your children from dependence to independence

Who will benefit from a Parent Fuel Experience Group?

Any parents! Parents of preschoolers, grade-schoolers, middle-schoolers, high-schoolers, college students.

These categories of parents will benefit as well: church parents, school parents, neighborhood parents, and non-believing parents.

Important: When possible, participate in a group with parents whose kids are in a similar age group as your kids.

What will you receive as a result of your Parent Fuel Experience Group?

Chad and Robin Merrill read Parent Fuel, and went through a Parent Fuel Experience Group, and said...

"The impact Parent Fuel has had on my family and on our group has been phenomenal. The conversations we have had with our teenage sons have been deep, meaningful and transformational. The boys are seeing the effects of Parent Fuel in their own home and in the lives of their friends' homes."

Youth Leader Resources

Parent Fuel is just the ignition needed for every parent/child relationship today! Barry St. Clair will help you see a side to parent-hood that is seldom looked at from the inside out! It deals with the tough issues of parenting that too often lay hidden! This is an exciting approach to the journey of being the best you can be for the "treasures" in your life!"

Joe & Debbie-Jo White, Kanakuk Kamps
(Branson, MO)