Group Leaders

Who leads a Parent Fuel Group?

A Parent Fuel Champion leads other parents through Parent Fuel.

Most parents need someone to lead them through the process that equips them to love God with all their hearts and leads their kids to do the same.

Who can become a Parent Fuel Champion?

  • A struggling parent who wants to connect with other struggling parents all whom share a common desire to invest in their kids' lives
  • An Older parent or grandparent with a desire to mentor younger parents through their parenting battles
  • A youth pastor with limited parenting experience but with a burden for the parents of his students

Both your kids and the parents around you need you to become a Parent Fuel Champion!

What do you do to become a Parent Fuel Champion?

Prepare yourself to lead your group with confidence by following these simple steps:

  1. Pray for God's direction about your group and identity who He wants in it.
  2. Watch the brief Parent Fuel Leader's Videos - Vision (2:18), Purpose (3:42)Leaders (7:38), plus optional Church Leaders (5:43).
  3. Order and examine the Parent Fuel Kit for information, inspiration and direction to lead your group.
  4. Read and/or scan the Parent Fuel book.
  5. Follow the Leader's Guide in the Parent Fuel Kit to prepare for and to lead your group.
  6. Recruit the parents you have identified for your group. Do this by meeting with them one-on-one and/or in a group to invite them to participate. In that meeting...
    • Show them the Parent Fuel Intro video (1:47) and the Parent Fuel Vision video (2:18).
    • Explain them the Parent Fuel book by reading the back cover and/or the Table of Contents. If you plan to use the DVDs, then read the back cover of the DVDs.
    • Ask them to commit to participating in the group if they will...
      • Attend each meeting.
      • Read the assigned chapters in the book each week.
      • Join in praying for each other and each other's kids.
      • Apply what they are learning each week to their personal lives, parenting and kids.
  7. Order the needed Parent Fuel resources for your group.
  8. Contact Reach Out if you need assistance.

Will you become a Parent Fuel Champion?

Youth Leader Resources

Jason & Heather Ricks

My sons are in a vital stage of their lives where choices, both good and bad, can quickly shape who they are. Parent Fuel has challenged my husband and me past the temporary band-aids and probes deeper into the heart of real issues facing parents who desire their children to live lives devoted to Christ."

Jason & Heather Ricks
(Laramie, WY)